Real Users, Real Results, Real Hair Growth with the HairMax LaserComb®

Seeing is believing.

Below are before and after photos showing hair growth successful results HairMax LaserComb users have achieved. Actual clinical study photos, including macro photos are shown below. Photos provided by physicians and hair loss specialist showing the results their clients have experienced are also shown.

Male Results
Female Results
Clinical Studies

In general, a normal hair count is approximately 220 hairs cm2. Hair loss is noticable around 110 hairs cm2. Note, increases in hair counts are often not demonstratable in photos. It is difficult to qualify results based on global photography alone. There are many variables that affect global photography of hair such as: exposure, lighting, length of hair, moisture content of hair and hair color.

The photos shown above are of actual HairMax LaserComb users, but are not intended to represent results everyone who uses the device will necessarily experience.