HairMax LaserComb® - Laser Photo Therapy to Treat Hair Loss and Stimulate Hair Growth

How HairMax Works

Increases ATP to deliver more energy to the follicle

Low Laser Laser Therapy (LLLT) energizes weakened hair follicles

Increase blood flow to the scalp

Helps take away harmful waste products such as DHT

Helps decrease follicular inflammation

Works as an anagen inductor which stimulates the natural growth of hair

Optimal delivery of laser energy to the scalp with patented hair parting teeth

Understanding Hair Loss

The most common form of hair loss is  hereditary hair loss more commonly known as male and female pattern hair loss.  For men and women with pattern baldness, a process called ‘miniaturization’ occurs whereby follicles become progressively smaller (the follicles shrink), deteriorate and hair becomes thinner, finer and shorter through each hair cycle to the point that hair growth can stop completely.

Hair thinning or baldness in androgenetic alopecia, is due to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) acting on genetically-susceptible scalp hair follicles. Testosterone converts to DHT with the aid of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. DHT which then attaches itself to receptors on hair follicles and diminishes the blood supply to the follicle and thus preventing absorption of essential nutrients. Excess DHT is also thought to cause inflammation  around the hair follicle which further contributes  to hair loss.

Another major contribution to the hair loss process is diminished levels of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the ‘energy transporter’ to cells within the hair follicle.  If a person has insufficient levels of ATP available, the energy cannot reach the hair follicle and break down excess levels of DHT.

The presence of free radicals compounds in our bodies cause oxidative stress is another factor which contributes to hair loss and thinning hair.  Free radicals can damage cell structures and DNA and even destroy cells including those in your hair follicles. Some free radicals form naturally during bodily functions such as breathing, eating, and drinking. Others form because of cigarette smoke, overexposure to smog or sunlight, and other factors. Under normal healthy conditions the body reacts to the presence of free radicals by activating antioxidant defense,  which can stop these free radicals from cascading out of control,  However, research suggests that as we age our antioxidant capacities become impaired and cannot keep up with neutralizing free radicals which leads to increased hair loss.

Increasing ATP, decreasing DHT, and increasing  antioxdants to fight free radical formation, enables the follicle to become healthier and gain the ability to reverse the thinning process and regrow stronger, denser, fuller hair. Keep reading and learn how HairMax can work for you!