HairMax LaserComb® Clinical Studies

To date, Seven clinical studies with 460 subjects have been completed on the HairMax LaserComb. Six of these studies were designed as multicentered, double-blind and randomized control device.

The results of the 4 clinical studies  were published in January 2014 in the peer review medical journal, “The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology”.  Read the complete study.

|These clinical studies were conducted at top medical research centers such as the Cleveland Clinic, the University of Miami and University of Minnesota and have resulted in 6 FDA 510(K) Clearances. The studies were designed to support 510(k) submissions to the FDA and were approved by an IRB (Independent Review Board) and complied with GCP (Good Clinical Practices) guidelines and monitored by a CRO (Contract Research Organization).

HairMax LaserComb Results

Results of 4 clinical studies of treating pattern hair loss in 225 men and women authored by key dermatologists who are key opinion leaders in the treatment of hair loss, published in the peer review medical journal, the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, April 2014

7 clinical studies have been conducted with 460 subjects

Results of study used to support HairMax LaserComb FDA 510(k) submission

HairMax treated hair loss and promoted hair growth in 93% of users

No serious adverse side effects ever reported from treatment

Benefits of using the HairMax: decrease in hair fallout, increased speed of hair growth, more manageability of hair and overall better quality and condition of hair